Community Development

Rare Namibia is dedicated to supporting the community through development through impactful projects such as Joel Park. The primary objective of Joel Park is to raise awareness for the well-being of our children and to pioneer innovative initiatives that enhance the quality of life for everyone.

This is achieved through a focus on the development and preservation of our natural resources, starting with the establishment of vegetable gardens and composting. Joel Park aims to create a welcoming space where people can leisurely socialize in an environment that is both safe and clean.

Security-Minded Parks:

Implementing stringent security measures to build safe and secure parks specifically designed for children. These parks are equipped with walkways, bicycle lanes, sandpits, vegetable gardens, and permaculture features within urban areas and Public Open Spaces (POS).

Community Soup Kitchens:

Establishing soup kitchens where capable community members provide food to those actively involved in cleaning and maintaining the area.

Permaculture Gardens in Institutions:

Creating vegetable gardens using permaculture principles in state hospitals, old age homes, correctional facilities, and children’s havens.

Dumpsite Eradication:

Working towards the elimination of dumpsites to enhance environmental sustainability and community aesthetics.

Recycling Plants:

Establishing recycling plants to manage waste effectively and contribute to environmental conservation.

Solar Power Plants:

Constructing solar power plants to reduce dependence on conventional electricity sources, leading to energy savings.

Job Creation, Sustainability, and Economic Empowerment: These projects generate employment opportunities, contribute to sustainability efforts, and empower the local economy.

Food Security: The establishment of vegetable gardens and soup kitchens enhances food security, ensuring community members have access to nutritious meals.

Utilization of Smaller Spaces: Through permaculture and innovative urban planning, smaller spaces are effectively utilized for productive and sustainable purposes.

Positive Impact on Community Needs: The initiatives directly address the needs of the community, creating a positive impact on the overall well-being of residents.

Rare Namibia invites support and collaboration to make these projects successful, creating a lasting legacy for the community and promoting a brighter future for our children.

Please contact us for more info on current projects that still need funding!